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How to Choose a Folding Beach Chair for Next Summer

by Rosalie

Summer! There are very few people who would say they don’t love all of that sun after all the chills of winter. One of the most popular activities to engage in is going to the beach. Unless you’ve no plans to enjoy your stay, you’ll need a chair to get comfortable in all that sand.

When it comes to beach chairs, there isn’t any better option than a folding beach chair. They are preferred because of their features. Many brands offer different beach chairs, all promising to have a better design. Making a smart buying decision would require basic knowledge of what to look out for. As you prepare for the next summer, these are the features to look out for in a folding beach chair.

Frame material of the beach chair

Folding beach chairs are designed with a variety of materials. They are made from steel, wood, aluminium, or plastic. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. For example, aluminium is considered lightweight, so it’ll make the folding beach chair generally light in weight. However, aluminium is also known to be less durable and would bend easily under pressure.

Wood or plastic material would not get hot easily under the sun but cannot be compared to the durability of steel. However, steel can easily be rust-resistant if not properly powder-coated.

Styles and designs

Folding beach chairs come in many designs, with each brand trying to outdo the other with additional features. A basic folding beach chair just has the regular design. Without any extra features, such designs usually attract a low price. Folding beach chairs can also come with adjustable features that let campers adjust the chair’s height. The more features added to the chair, the more pricey the cost of the chair. However, it’s usually worth every extra cash.

Ease of storage

Folding beach chairs will most likely be used on the beach or for other outdoor activities. However, most of the time, it would have to be stored safely away. A folding beach chair can be folded easily and stored. When folded, it would take little space.

The same applies when relocating it to the beach. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself dragging along a chair. They fold up easily and would fit into the trunk of any car.


Taking a walk on a busy summer beach, it’s common to find a sea of folding beach chairs in different colors. They come in a wide range of colors to choose from.


As earlier said, the price of a folding beach chair would vary for several reasons. You’ll need to decide on a budget you want to work with and stick with it. Since they also come with different features, you’ll also need to decide if you need the extra features or do without them.


As you prepare for your next summer beach activity, you’ll need a chair to sit on while you enjoy all of the glorious summer sun. So it’s best to be prepared and buy a good folding beach chair.

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