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Get to Know Why Kid’s Love Squishy Toys

by Rosalie

Squishy toys are all the rage right now. They’re cute, they’re soft and they give you a warm feeling inside when you squeeze them. But what is the point of squishy toys? The answer is actually pretty simple: they’re fun!

Squishy toys can be anything from a potato-shaped object to a ball with googly eyes on it. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures — but they all have one thing in common: they’re soft (and usually quite squishy).

These days, it seems like everyone has at least one squishy toy sitting around their house somewhere. The squishy toys also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they vary greatly in price too. There are some really cheap ones out there that only cost $5 or less, but there are also some very expensive ones that can cost hundreds of dollars! If you want to save money then it is best that you look online at Alibaba because they usually have the best deals on all types of things like this.

Why Your Kid Needs a Squishy Toy

Kids love squishy toys. It’s a fact. Here are some of the reasons why the little ones these squishy toys:

They’re Tactile

Squishy toys have different textures on the outside which makes them interesting to explore. They may be bumpy on one side and smooth on another, or soft like velvet on one side and fluffy on another. Kids will enjoy exploring these different textures by rubbing their fingers across them or pressing down hard with both hands until they squash flat!

They’re Stress Relievers

Squeezies are also great for helping kids learn how to focus their attention on something else besides their own troubles or worries. If a child is having a hard time focusing on schoolwork or other tasks, he may find it easier if he has a squishy toy nearby to play with while doing his work instead of having nothing else to do but think about what’s making him upset.

They’re Great for Muscle Development

Squishy toys are also great for developing fine motor skills in kids. Squeezing the toy helps develop strength in small muscles in your fingers, hands and wrists. These muscles are needed for writing and drawing, pushing buttons on a computer keyboard, holding a pencil and other activities throughout life.


Squishy toys have been on the rise for more than 20 years and there have been plenty of theories thrown around as to why kids are obsessed with them. Yet, despite this, little is actually known about why squishies became so popular. But the most likely explanation seems to be the simplest one: kids love squishies because they love squeezing things. It’s a wonderful way for little ones to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, but in a fun way. And it’s this ability that has seen squishy toys like the Chewbeads bracelet grow in popularity year after year. Try some out with your toddler today and see what all the fuss is about!

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